Paul Finebaum and Matt Barrie are bracing for the return of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. With the Wolverines fighting past Ohio State in The Game, Harbaugh’s return will now be a major storyline as Michigan maintains an inside track to the College Football Playoff.

Barrie admitted he’s preparing for the B1G Championship and expects Harbaugh is “going to be front and center bragging about how good this Michigan team is, because it is.” With a win over Iowa, the Wolverines will be in the Playoff at 13-0.

Finebaum admitted that type of drama is good for networks and talk shows, but it’s not necessarily good for Michigan as a program. He cited a “stench” that will permeate wherever Harbaugh goes moving forward.

“That’s good for television networks, that’s good for talk shows, that’s good for us. What it’s not good for, maybe Michigan because there will be a stench following Harbaugh anywhere he goes,” claimed Finebaum. “But it will be fascinating to see, not only Jim Harbaugh on the sports stage where he’s been for so long, but this will be the national stage.”

Overall, Finebaum believes Michigan’s chase of a national title will now transcend the sports world due to the sign-stealing investigation. It’s also something Finebaum is ready for after years of recycled storylines in the Playoff.

“Things are pretty toxic around the world right now, but everyone will be paying attention to this. This is one of those few sports stories that transcends the sport, and count me in for it,” Finebaum admitted. “I want a front-row seat because we’ve had some playoffs for 5-6 years where it’s Dabo vs. Saban, now we’ve got Kirby.”

Finebuam even compared the next month of football to a Disney movie and a classic “good vs. evil” power struggle.

“This is Disney movie written all over it, good vs. evil, and I just salivate at the thought of Jim Harbaugh standing in the way of either Nick Saban should that train continue or college football history with Kirby Smart,” concluded Finebaum.

The discussion around Michigan begins around the 7-minute mark: