The NFL Draft this year for quarterbacks is widely viewed as being on the weak side, but there are some intriguing aspects to this class.

ESPN insiders Adam Schefter and Pete Thamel discussed the class, and what stands out to them about it.

On The Adam Schefter Podcast, Thamel said that Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett is the No. 1 prospect at the position, as he benefitted from returning to Pitt this past season to bolster his draft stock. Pickett had one of the more prolific passing seasons in recent college football history, Thamel said.

“Now, it’s not like an Andrew Luck clear, or Trevor Lawrence clear to be QB1,” Thamel said. “But amid this middling crop of quarterbacks, he did establish himself as that.”

Thamel then said that Malik Willis of Liberty is most intriguing to him to see how the NFL views him as a prospect entering the draft.

“He’s an unbelievably dynamic player,” Thamel said, and compared Willis to Lamar Jackson in the sense that a team in the “20s” could take Willis and develop him over time as he learns the NFL offenses and speed.

Schefter declared that Willis will be the first quarterback picked in the draft, and Thamel didn’t argue with that declaration, but stuck with Pickett.

“I think Kenny Pickett will be selected before Malik Willis, but I won’t be surprised if your prediction comes true,” Thamel said.

Schefter replied, “Well, let’s make our first friendly little wager. Let’s bet lunch.”

Then Thamel noted he’s heard good things about the ESPN cafeteria.

Thamel then compared Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati to Dak Prescott in the sense of being a later round “steady” QB.