Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, no one is quite sure when the 2020 college football season will start up.

Could it start in September as scheduled? Yes. Could it start in March? Also yes. There are a number of different options being discussed at the moment.

On Friday, Kansas State AD Gene Taylor revealed that there are 7 main options being discussed by the Big 12 (via Kansas.com):

Kansas State athletic director Gene Taylor says the Big 12 is currently discussing seven primary options for the upcoming football season, and he outlined them during a conversation on Friday.

  • Starting the season as scheduled in early September
  • Starting the season in late September and ending games in December
  • Starting the season in October and playing a conference-only schedule
  • Starting the season in September and playing a conference-only schedule
  • Waiting until 2021 and starting the season in January
  • Waiting until 2021 and starting the season in March
  • Splitting up the season with six games in the fall and six games in the spring

Taylor thinks all seven options are on the table right now, but he is more optimistic about certain plans than others. He said starting the season on time “is going to be a long shot.”

Now that we’ve turned our calendars to May, there could be some bigger decisions being made about the 2020 season. Stay tuned, because when things happen, they could start to happen fast.