A handful of Baylor football players are facing a lawsuit.

According to a report from WacoTrib.com, the players are facing allegations that they trashed 2 apartments off-campus and caused $10,000 in damage.

According to the owner of the apartments, 66th State District Judge Lee Harris, there was damage to doors, windows, carpets and other fixtures in both units:

Harris had to spend about $10,000 to clean and repair the two apartments on South 15th Street after the Baylor players moved out in May. He said he found both apartments “trashed out,” with damage to doors, locks, window treatments and more, along with carpets saturated and walls stained with animal waste and a stench that the judge said was intolerable.

Harris filed a civil lawsuit Aug. 20 against three of his former tenants, Bravvion Roy, an All-Big 12 defensive tackle and a sixth-round draft pick with the Carolina Panthers; Deonte Williams, who transferred to Florida State; and T.J. Franklin, a starting defensive end on this year’s team.

Abram Smith, John Lovett and Trestan Ebner were the tenants of the other unit, and they are all still with the football team. Baylor issued a statement regarding the allegations:

“We are very disappointed in the allegations,” the statement reads. “Given the personal nature of the situation and NCAA guidelines, Baylor Athletics cannot intervene. We have encouraged our student-athletes to work towards a resolution.”

Harris is an adjunct law professor at the university.