Ohio State remains on top, at least according to RJ Young.

The Fox analyst released his college football tiers on Wednesday, with the Buckeyes topping the list. According to the list, Georgia and Michigan fall into the same tier at the second level, while Tennessee, Clemson and Alabama are on an even playing field in tier 3.

Rounding out the bottom of the tier pyramid, Young listed TCU, Ole Miss, OSU, Oregon, UCLA, and SC.

With the exception of the apex of the pyramid, the SEC is well represented, with at least 1 team in each tier. However, some of Young’s pics are quite surprising, like putting Tennessee at the same level as Alabama. The Vols took down the Tide on Saturday 52-49 for the first time in 15 years.

There’s also disconnect at the top of the pyramid. Although most analysts have Georgia ranked No. 1, Young prefers Ohio State. Both teams are undefeated heading into Week 8. Georgia has a bye week, and Ohio State will face Iowa on Saturday.

We’ll see how Young’s tiers hold out after Saturday’s play.