Robert Griffin III weighed in on the subject of bowl game opt-outs, the talk of the college football community on Saturday.

Bowl game opt-outs were discussed on Saturday’s “College GameDay,” when Kirk Herbstreit suggested current players don’t “love football,” comments he later attempted to clarify.

Herbstreit’s comments were on the minds of many when Matt Corral suffered a lower leg injury that led to his early exit from the Sugar Bowl. Robert Griffin III joined the discussion by revisiting his own postseason decision at Baylor.

Griffin, now a college football broadcaster for ESPN, said he considered opting out of Baylor’s bowl game after winning the Heisman Trophy in 2011, but decided to play because it had been so long since the Bears had won a postseason contest. Griffin, though, called out those who condemn players for opting out of bowl games, citing Corral’s injury.