The College Football Playoff appears to be on the verge of expansion, but there’s always a hold out or two that want to keep things the way they are in the name of tradition.

The current culprit — The Rose Bowl.

According to a Sports Illustrated story from Ross Dellenger, the “Granddaddy of Them All” is delaying a decision to expand the tournament by 2024 or by 2026.

From the story:

CFP officials need unanimous agreement from the six CFP bowls to expand the playoff to 12 teams before the contract with ESPN ends after the 2025 playoff. The six bowls are the Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, Peach and Cotton.

The Rose Bowl wants what it wants. It wants to keep its time slot and in most cases it probably wants a Pac-12 or a Big Ten team in the game and both if possible.

It’s frustrating for college football fans that it seems like there’s always something stopping the sport from giving us the product that we deserve. But it’s coming.