Rutgers WR Carnell Davis was reportedly severely injured during a fight over the weekend.

Per The Press of Atlantic City, Davis was playing football with some friends when another man allegedly started saying derogatory things about Davis’s mom. Davis approached the man and an altercation ensued. The other man landed a punch on Davis and he fell to the ground, appearing seriously injured.

A video of the fight can be seen below. WARNING: It is a bit graphic when Davis hits the ground:

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In a caption on the original video, posted to Facebook, the poster said:

“Apparently there were some words exchanged between Carnell & some other older guy,” the person who posted the video said on Facebook. “The guy provoked Carnell by saying sexual harassment things to Carnell about his mom. Carnell obviously questioned him on it.” The guy initiated the first move, shoving Carnell, the Facebook user said in the post. “Carnell responded by defending himself with hands up.”

The post, which has since been taken down from Facebook, said Davis was taken to the hospital with a skull injury.

Rutgers issued a statement to The Press of Atlantic City that said the team is concerned about Davis’s health and hopes he makes a speedy recovery:

“Our main concern is Carnell’s health and well-being,” a Rutgers Football spokesperson said in a statement Tuesday. “He is home with his family and continues to make progress in his recovery. We look forward to getting him back on campus soon.”

Davis is set to be a freshman on the Rutgers squad this fall.