For years now, we’ve seen college football fans do the “Surrender Cobra,” where you disappointedly put your hands on top of your head while your team is getting crushed.

However, with limited-capacity stadiums due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, there si more room in stadiums this year, and that has led to new expressions of exasperation.

As you can see below, one Georgia Tech fan gave us what the ESPN broadcasters called the “Surrender Mummy” during the Yellow Jackets’ loss to UCF:

That is utter exasperation there, and it’s understandable, as the Knights looked like a powerhouse against a Georgia Tech team that beat Florida State last weekend.

After the hot start against the Seminoles, Georgia Tech fans have come back down to earth a bit. We’ll see if the “Surrender Mummy” catches on with fans in the era of social distancing.