Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren released a letter of explanation this week following the decision to call off the fall football season. But his words didn’t sit well with Big Ten parents, including those from Iowa, who called it unacceptable.

Parents from multiple teams, from Iowa to Ohio State, have planned to visit the Big Ten offices on Friday and those plans haven’t changed. In a response of their own, the Iowa parents said they “firmly reject” the contents of Warren’s explanation and plan to head to Rosemont, Ill. on Friday.

“The lack of transparency, hypocrisy and failure of leadership gives us no confidence in this decision, or future decisions,” according to a letter tweeted by Scott Dochterman of The Athletic.

Players and parents both deserve better, they wrote.

“The athletes that will suffer due to the economic impact of this decision and the loss of opportunity to realize their dreams are in our thoughts and prayers,” the letter continued. “They are not blind to the risks of playing and never have been.”

“Collectively, we demand better of the BIG10.”