You are feeling sleepy … well, the Texas Longhorns football team was on Monday night.

That’s because the Longhorns invited professional hypnotist Jonathan Yeager to campus to put on a show after practice. And the results were hilarious.

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Yeager hypnotized multiple Texas football players, getting them to do or believe whatever he said. Meanwhile, their teammates in the audience laughed at the hilarity that ensued on stage.

On Tuesday, the Longhorns tweeted a clip from the show:

Training camp can be a long few weeks for football teams as they go through workouts and drills ahead of the new season, so having events like this one can help give players a break from that.

Fortunately for the Longhorns, they won’t have any hypnotized players when they begin their season against Louisiana Tech on Aug. 31. Their only SEC opponent this year is LSU, which they play on Sept. 7 in Austin, Texas.