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A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams.

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Ronnie Henderson (LSU), Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (LSU) and Tony White (Tennessee) have all done it since 1985. And, like LSUSMC said, Pistol Pete did it 3 years in a row. Care to try again?
That's what the NBA does, which is a much better system, in my opinion.
Yeah, I'd consider it a two-man race between Pearl and Williams at this point. If Buzz goes 3-1 to finish the regular season against A&M's brutal schedule, though, I think he gets it. If not, Pearl does.
I want to see Zeus in action and healthy. Cook will be a good back, but I think the production will dip this year because of inexperience with them and with the O-line. Then, in 2021, I think all those guys will have the experience to form another great Georgia backfield.
They're gonna have to open their checkbooks to fire him, but I don't see what option they have at this point. That crowd says all you need to know about what the fan base thinks.
I don't have to imagine it, because I actually think that. Swift was a great back. Imagine not appreciating someone like that and the contributions he made to your team over the past couple of years.
Well, he got the ball with 5 seconds left and didn't even look to pass to Moore, who was wide open.
The problem with Denver/Boulder is that it's still a 2-hour ride to the nearest ski hill. More if there's fresh snow. I've been to several mountains in the area. Salt Lake City is so much nicer because it's half an hour to Park City, where there are 2 major resorts. Then there's the Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon area, where there are 4 resorts. Much easier accessibility than anything in the Denver area.
They certainly make things fun. I think if they win Saturday, it'll be tough to pick against them for the regular season title.
Yeah, I can't wait for that game. I have a feeling it will be No. 1 on the list of games to watch in Friday's column!
So sorry I've been disrespecting Arkansas by consistently saying that Isaiah Joe and Mason Jones are the best backcourt duo in the SEC and for consistently saying that Eric Musselman should be in the SEC Coach of the Year conversation. I apologize if that hurt your feelings. Obviously Arkansas can't refund fans, that's what we in the business call hyperbole.
So I said they should win 6 games this year. You're all hot and bothered because you think they should win... 7 games? Ok then.
Hey man, welcome to the Starting 5, where I don't mention every single SEC team every time. It's a look around the college basketball world, not what Tennessee is up to this weekend.
There's fighting in hockey. Football players are involved in the equivalent of a car crash on every play. Baseball players throw projectiles at each other at speeds of 90-100 mph. Let's not act like sports is free of violence. I'm fine with a little pushing and shoving in the heat of battle. As long as it stays between the players and doesn't involve the use of stools, it's a natural part of sports. Sorry you can't see that.
Georgia beating Memphis on the road is way better than any win Mississippi State has. As of now, give me Georgia on a neutral court.
My goodness, didn't realize Gamecock fans would be so sensitive about a joke about Clemson. My mistake. I apologize to all of those who are so clearly offended.
Definitely! Sometimes it takes an extra year to regain all of your speed and shiftiness after an ACL injury, though. Still, I'm hoping Wilson looks like his old self in 2020.
Oh yeah. They're going to put up some serious points this year. They just need to work on that defense. Doesn't matter if you score 100 if the other team scores 102.
I agree, SLU/Duquesne is going to be a lot of fun to watch. It should be on at least ESPNU.