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A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams.

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@LSUSMC Yeah, but a 5-7 team is a team you aren't that invested in. If Mizzou went 12-0, I'd be so happy, but then to not be eligible for the postseason would be a sickening feeling at the end of the best year in program history.
Honestly, yes. Because Mizzou already has way too many "What if?" moments out there.
J.R. definitely got a long look for multiple spots on this list. He's a great player and should be a high draft pick in 2020.
Can't wait to see how he does this year.
And yet, 2-4 on that list of yards per cover snap didn't make this list. You just choose to highlight Stokes to fit your narrative. There are other stats that need to be looked at.
So... you like this list then? There are no true freshmen on it.
I never said they had the option to join the Big Ten. I'm just saying it would have been a better fit. They absolutely made the right decision to leave the Big 12 for the SEC, but I wish they'd had different options at the time.
But it is also important not to fall in love with takeaways. There's a certain amount of luck involved with those, and if you rely too heavily on them, you're going to get burned when you take risks and they don't pay off. Also, the best "takeaway" for a defense is sometimes a three-and-out. Get the offense off the field and give the ball back to your own offense in only three plays. That's something else Mizzou needs to work on.
@cockyfan97 -- Dantzler can also play safety in a pinch and had more interceptions and more pass defenses. Horn may be a better tackler, but it's very, very close, which is why Dantzler gets the edge overall. Season-ending injuries around him have nothing to do with his individual talent, so it's not exactly a factor I considered.
@Vehemon -- it's about using that size, too. At this point in his career, Diggs is much better than Mukuamu and that is a big part of it.
Exactly, I think Horn is a great player, too, and he'll definitely be in my top-10 CB rankings when they come out on Saturday (how's that for a plug?). For now, though, I think these other guys have the overall elite skills that Horn doesn't quite have yet. Check back next year, though, and I bet Horn makes our perfect SEC CB for 2020 compilation.
True, that's a good point. Great player. I guess I just had him listed as a safety in my draft notes.
The guy who no longer plays in the SEC? He doesn't exactly fit even the most basic of requirements for this article.
To be fair, they're going through a bit of a transition this year. The 5-star guys have mostly been in the 2018 and 2019 classes, so I'm willing to bet they'll start appearing more over the next couple of years. But, also to be fair, you could be right. We'll see this year and next!
If he lined up in the slot more than 50 percent of the time, yes. Ty Montgomery "technically" played WR for the Green Bay Packers a couple of years ago and wore jersey No. 88, but he played almost exclusively as a RB that year, so should he be ranked on a list of NFL receivers or running backs?
@Arkansas_Vol: I love how you try to use "opinionated" as an insult. Of course it's opinionated! It's an opinion piece. I'm not sure what "garbage thrash" is, but I digress. If I tried to rank OLBs objectively, let's say by tackles, Jennings wouldn't be No. 1, Taylor wouldn't be No. 2 and Lewis wouldn't be on the list. If I went by sacks, Taylor would be No. 1, Jamar Watson would be No. 3 and Lewis... wouldn't be on the list. So yeah, this is my opinion. Also, calling me a lady isn't the insult you think it is. It's just a tired, lame way of trying to make men feel bad. I've known so many strong, amazing women in my life and I'm sorry you haven't had that same experience. If you ever need to talk through your anger, you can always email me.
Also, I mention earlier in the piece that a lot of these guys are versatile and will line up in multiple spots depending on the situation. Will Rice line up at ILB sometimes? Sure, but he's not an ILB "all day long."
Just because Georgia technically runs a 3-4 doesn't mean they line up in that formation very often. They often line up in 4-3 sets or 3-3-5 sets (3-3-5 sets coming in obvious passing downs) with Tae Crowder at the MIKE position. Rice, at the WILL spot, is therefore an OLB.
Yeah, he's had a rough couple of years. Hopefully his bad injury luck is behind him.
I'm sorry, but I think I missed the part where he won the starting job. I must have just dreamed the part where Chad Morris brought in not one, but two graduate transfer quarterbacks. No, the question didn't specify starting quarterbacks, but based on the fact that every quarterback on the list was a starter, I think it's pretty clear that's the direction I went with it.
The shaker is used to strain out the mint leaves, not the lemons. It was the signature drink at my wedding, maybe just trust that I know how to make it?
Right, but it's not a shaken cocktail. Shaking it makes the first round of ice too much a part of the drink. It's supposed to be stirred. I shouldn't have called the thing a "shaker." Maybe "mixer" would have been better.
I said to use the shaker because most have a top you can put on it that serves as a strainer. That's why it's not a shaken drink.
Hmmm, almost sounds like you have some bias, too. Crazy how that works, right? It's almost like different people have different opinions about things.
Most batters get between 4-5 at-bats per game, as Jay said below. Also, you seem to be really caught up in the parameters of this hypothetical question. Just have some fun for once, Darth.
Agreed, he could definitely be in the top 10 by season's end.