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A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams.

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So you're down on Kentucky, Arkansas and Ole Miss. You do realize someone has to be No. 3, right? That's how rankings work.
Feel better about yourself now that you've got that off your chest?
Other than basically the entire coaching staff under Coach O, a more experienced QB than the true freshman who came in and played well at the end of last year and a handful of key transfers on defense? I suppose, if you take all that out, nothing is so different about LSU from last year to this year.
Sometimes babies get born during football season? Not sure what to tell you, bud.
Haha, I was indeed. Thank you for the correction! Treylon Burks is the star!
I mean, maybe? Jags could use some edge rush help.
Tell that to the Packers, who took a flyer on Jordan Love last year in Round 1. No, seriously. Please tell the Packers never to "take a flyer" on a first-round QB again. Please.
We hit exactly 2 picks last year, so 25% would be great!
I literally said that all of those guys *would* be Day 3 guys. You don't seem to have great reading comprehension skills.
I literally mentioned Stevens first of all of the safeties, but you seem like you just want to be mad. One sentence each for the Mizzou guys. Seems fair to me?
Well, to be fair, Stanford is not a "SoCal" school. It's a Bay Area school. And, in recent years, Bay Area schools have produced 2 #1 overall picks (Andrew Luck from Stanford in 2012 and Jared Goff from Cal in 2016). Let's also not forget that Aaron Rodgers went to Cal. Back in the day, John Elway and Jim Plunkett went to Stanford. So I can see the draw of drafting Bay Area QBs.
Y'all really need to get over this. He signed the papers. He was at the school. There are pictures of him in Georgia practice gear. He was a Bulldog. You don't have to claim him as a good Bulldog, but he was officially at Georgia for a bit. He's going to continue to be referred to with Georgia being mentioned.
I'm not sure why you think I called Arizona a better program than Arkansas. That's not true. But you seem to have a personal vendetta against me for some reason. I'm simply saying if Arkansas doesn't pay Muss, they shouldn't be surprised if another program (better or not) swoops in and takes him with an offer around $4 mil per year.
It is absolutely true. USA TODAY compiles salaries of coaches from every public university. Here's the database of coaches salaries from last season, on which Musselman ranks 13th out of 13 available SEC coaches:
Why would I be smart-alecky if Muss got a new contract? That's what I think should have happened weeks ago.
If you want to be considered a big boy with deep pockets, you have to spend like it. Musselman ranked 13th in the SEC in salary this year. All I'm saying is if the Hogs don't use some of these supposedly deep pockets to pay Muss, some other school is going to try to lure him away with a massive contract. And, Arizona has both won a title and made a Final Four more recently than Arkansas, so it's not crazy to consider it a more prestigious program than Arkansas. Perhaps it is you with the "jaundiced" view because of your fan bias?
I'm sorry my picks made you so angry?
Lol, if your strategy against Alabama is to "hope they're cold," then why not at least come out in man and tell your defenders to chase the Tide off the 3-point line? If you're going to play zone and give up wide-open looks, might as well just forfeit.
They allowed Alabama to make 11 of their 18 3-pointers in the first half. That seems like a bad idea. As I explained, once the Alabama shooters were hot, it was game over. Crean allowed that to happen by coming out in a zone.
The newsletter is literally us linking to other articles without putting our opinion on it. So, no, this article does not contain any of my "original thoughts" on Tennessee because this isn't the place for it. Just linking to what others have said. I'd suggest you look into the difference between primary sources and secondary sources.
These guys are elite athletes who frequently adjust in the blink of an eye. They get fouled and adjust their shots to get and-ones. They adjust their passes to driving teammates. They throw insane alley-oop passes. They swipe steals in the blink of an eye. But it's a "pitiful" take to suggest that they should adjust (on a Wheeler shot that hung in the air forever because it was such an ill-advised attempt) and swat it to a teammate? Never did I say he should tap it toward UGA's basket. That would be dumb. He had teammates all around him.
Imagine getting this upset about a column that is (and always has been) a national basketball column with an SEC slant.