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Just Added: Top 10 Freshmen

Adam Spencer

A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams.
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I think Guice is going to be the best NFL running back out of the group, but that doesn't mean he deserves the No. 1 spot on this list. It's all about production, so yes, Chubb having Michel in the same backfield helps the Bulldogs, but doesn't help him in the SEC RB rankings.
He's No. 11 right now. I fully expect him to be in the rankings before the year is over. He had a really slow start to the year though.
Convenient how you just so happened to leave out touchdowns on that list of stats...
Crockett has 150 more rushing yards and three more touchdowns than Witter this year. That's why Crockett is still on the list and Witter isn't. Not based on one game.