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A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams.

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A good portion of LSU's fanbase never wanted to hire Coach O. Then, a good portion of the fanbase wanted him fired after Year 1. Let's settle down on Moorhead.
Yeah, but three of those wins were Charleston Southern, Akron and Coastal Carolina. You really excited about those? You should win those games even if they're played at 3 a.m.
Other than Georgia, your noon kickoffs the past 2 years have been Charleston Southern, Virginia (L), Akron, Florida (L), Ole Miss, Mizzou and Coastal Carolina. Congrats on going 5-2 in those games, I guess?
I think you drastically misread that part of the Mailbag, my friend. If you read past where I say I liked their first album, you may be in for a surprise.
Haha, I knew I was going to get hammered for that take, but gotta stay true to my Midwestern roots!
It's an opinion piece, my dude. I've ranked worst household chores, Chick-fil-A sauces and other nonsense. Sorry the Mailbag isn't the hard-hitting journalism you think it should be.
Can confirm. Not sure why you're on Marler's case here. He's been nothing but pro-Mizzou all year (unless he's jokingly mocking me).
God forbid we stop and take a moment to mourn the likely end of a player's college career (a player who has been nothing but class, no less) before treating them all like plug-and-play bags of meat.
I never left! Just get really busy during the season. Love diving into the comments when I have time, though.
They're 3-3 against South Carolina since 2014. What are you talking about?
Missouri has the fourth-best passing defense in the country and a solid run defense. I certainly think the Tigers have a better chance than you seem to think.
So you want Georgia to be compared to a flash-in-the-pan character who had maybe one memorable moment? Gotcha.
Oh I'm not saying she could make 85-90% of her field goals, but she also hasn't practiced this that much. If she hypothetically COULD reach a point where she made kicks as consistently (or more consistently) than men, why WOULDN'T you sign her? The whole gender thing seems irrelevant to me. It's about results.
You seem triggered, pal. Need a hug? Also, to your point about imagining if a 37-year-old man tried out to beat hundreds of kickers... ok? If that man who had never played football could make field goals consistently, why not sign him? It seems pretty simple to me -- make kicks and you can have a job kicking in the NFL. Doesn't matter if you're a man, woman or Air Bud. Make 85-90% of your field goals and I'll welcome you to my team with open arms.
I do mention that I went to Mizzou a lot (imagine being proud of where you went to school. Crazy, right?). However, this seems like a weird article for you to make this flex on, since I literally don't mention in here at all that I went to Mizzou.
Look, I think Bentley is a good QB. I really do. But Rodgers ran for 269 yards last year. Bentley is tough, but he's not a great runner. Certainly not "much more mobile" than Fromm.
Bentley ran for 78 yards last year.
Did you not read literally the next sentence where I say "Of course, football isn’t played on paper, so they’ll need to overcome some demons to have a special season."
Ok, but who else are you scared of? Someone has to be No. 2 and someone has to be No. 3.
@LSUSMC Yeah, but a 5-7 team is a team you aren't that invested in. If Mizzou went 12-0, I'd be so happy, but then to not be eligible for the postseason would be a sickening feeling at the end of the best year in program history.
Honestly, yes. Because Mizzou already has way too many "What if?" moments out there.
J.R. definitely got a long look for multiple spots on this list. He's a great player and should be a high draft pick in 2020.
Can't wait to see how he does this year.
And yet, 2-4 on that list of yards per cover snap didn't make this list. You just choose to highlight Stokes to fit your narrative. There are other stats that need to be looked at.
So... you like this list then? There are no true freshmen on it.