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A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams.

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Do you really not know how to spell "talks?" That's pretty embarrassing, tough guy.
You're thinking like a fan, not a conference. The SEC would keep Mizzou 100 times out of 100 over Virginia Tech. Mizzou brings in the KC and STL markets. Virginia Tech does nothing that Tennessee doesn't already bring to the table. No one is fighting to bring that Roanoke TV market to their conference.
Ah the old "Go back to the Big 12" argument. Think of that one all by yourself?
Him trying to make a play on the ball has nothing to do with it. They called it a foul because Jones landed on Loyer, who would have been there whether he was trying to make a play on the ball or not, because he was tripped. If the refs wanted to blow the whistle, they should have blown it on the trip. It's not a foul for Loyer to exist, whether that's in the restricted area or not. Sheesh.
I'm not going to hammer LeBron for that. He had just signed and given away his shoes to some kids, which is pretty cool. I could have done without him being on the court, but that's the only thing I have a problem with in that situation. As for Harden, I do think he's a great player, but man, it's tough to watch him play sometimes. In that game against the Spurs you're referencing, Harden and Russell Westbrook went 18-for-68 from the floor. No thank you. Harden does have much better nights, like when he scored 60 points on 16-of-24 shooting in three quarters against the Hawks. But when he's off, he's brutal to watch. Give me Durant as the greatest pure scorer of our generation.
Were you born 1 year old or were you born at 0 years old like the rest of us?
So you don't think it's possible Mizzou learned from past mistakes? That's pretty sad on your part. Also, pretty funny how you had to talk your way around "fired a coach without a losing record." Yeah, he was 25-25, that's not a winning record either, pal. Also, he was 3-22 against teams that finished the year with a winning record. That's awful. And yes, they whiffed when they tried to replace Powers, but you only focus on the negative. They also eventually hired Gary Pinkel. Should they just never have done that?
What was forgotten? I mentioned the other punishments. Maybe you're the one who is forgetful. The argument isn't that the Tigers shouldn't be punished, it's that the punishment was way too harsh compared to similar offenses. Also, the NCAA didn't "allow" the baseball team to participate in the postseason. They just couldn't ban them because the appeal was still in process.
I agree with GatorRob. This could be a 50-17 Mizzou win, it could be a 63-10 Florida win or it could be a final score of 3-2. Anything is in play.
So you're happy with the way this season is going, then?
If Tom Crean can showcase Edwards, win some games and get Edwards drafted in the top 5, that would be HUGE for Georgia's recruiting moving forward and could change the program.
Wait, hold on a second... do... do you advertise what sort of candy you have? That's pretty weird, dude.
They also have a bald eagle named "Spirit" that flies, too, if I am understanding their pregame ritual correctly (I've never been to Jordan-Hare). But you're right, "War Eagle" is a golden eagle named Nova.
We both graduated and moved on with our lives. Also, it's tough to be wrong as much as Dobbe. Picking against the spread is, by design, supposed to be a 50-50 proposition. By being wrong this much, it's actually pretty impressive.
Read the full answer and you'll see why there was not a single chocolate candy listed. C'mon, man.
Yep, those are bad omissions on my part. Let's put EJ on the play-by-play, have Pollack and Taylor host the halftime show and kick Seacrest to the curb.
Yeah, those are both terrible options that no human should never consume.
It's funny that people are saying that Mizzou fans don't want this game back when Arrowhead was sold out almost every year.
What are you talking about? It's a HUGE rivalry game. You are clueless if you think Mizzou fans don't want this.