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"Altercation" is a strong word for what happened. Let's not clutch our pearls about a couple of adults yelling at each other back and forth. I simply think Coach K should have taken the high road and not followed Devoe toward his bench. K has the most wins in D1 history and 5 titles. Act like it.
Wait wait wait, Booches, let me understand your point here. You think Devoe was walking away because he was SCARED of Coach K?? You'd honestly take K over Devoe if those two were to go face-to-face in a confrontation? Lol.
You can't win with just defense anymore. Even John Calipari realizes that these days.
Outside of the North Carolina game, is there really a game y'all can be proud of at Kentucky this year? Y'all played such a weak schedule that even mid-major teams blush at some of the weak opponents on it. Forgive me for thinking that "12th in the nation in points per game" stat is a bit skewed when y'all lost at Notre Dame earlier this year.
I would hardly consider their shooting night against Mizzou "successful" though. That's my point. It's SEC play now. I'm going to judge teams based on how they perform against league competition mostly from now on.
They dropped 1 spot. I think it'll be OK for them moving forward.
Kentucky shot 43.1% from the floor and 29.4% from 3-point range against Mizzou. I'd say that's a bit better of a reference point than oh, say... High Point... wouldn't you?
You want to lose to Cincinnati? Cool. I’m sure your fellow Alabama fans will take issue with that.
Merry Christmas to you! I won’t be wishing for you to lose your job. Hope you have a blessed 2022!
Lol, you have literally never sent in a question. I run every question I get. Merry Christmas! I look forward to your continued attempts to troll me in 2022!
Yep. Doesn't that kind of reinforce the point of how awful of a loss this was for Florida, though?
You can't just say "despite the cupcakes" as a casual thing. Play a real team other than Duke (which, as I mentioned in the section, they will do very soon) and I'll consider moving them up.
My comment had nothing to do with Vanderbilt football and everything to do with the fact that Vandy men's hoops is 6-46 in SEC play the past 3 years, finishing dead last in the league each of those 3 years. So, yeah, still a really bad loss for Pitt.
Perhaps this 1 article of the 100s of free articles we post every week is not for you? Perhaps you'd enjoy my weekly SEC power rankings more? They come out every Tuesday and I literally talk about all 14 SEC teams in them.
Because this isn't a list of how each team fared head-to-head against each other? Neutral field, game played today, I'm picking the Vols to win.
So you're down on Kentucky, Arkansas and Ole Miss. You do realize someone has to be No. 3, right? That's how rankings work.
Feel better about yourself now that you've got that off your chest?
Other than basically the entire coaching staff under Coach O, a more experienced QB than the true freshman who came in and played well at the end of last year and a handful of key transfers on defense? I suppose, if you take all that out, nothing is so different about LSU from last year to this year.
Sometimes babies get born during football season? Not sure what to tell you, bud.
Haha, I was indeed. Thank you for the correction! Treylon Burks is the star!
I mean, maybe? Jags could use some edge rush help.