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Yeah, he's had a rough couple of years. Hopefully his bad injury luck is behind him.
I'm sorry, but I think I missed the part where he won the starting job. I must have just dreamed the part where Chad Morris brought in not one, but two graduate transfer quarterbacks. No, the question didn't specify starting quarterbacks, but based on the fact that every quarterback on the list was a starter, I think it's pretty clear that's the direction I went with it.
The shaker is used to strain out the mint leaves, not the lemons. It was the signature drink at my wedding, maybe just trust that I know how to make it?
Right, but it's not a shaken cocktail. Shaking it makes the first round of ice too much a part of the drink. It's supposed to be stirred. I shouldn't have called the thing a "shaker." Maybe "mixer" would have been better.
I said to use the shaker because most have a top you can put on it that serves as a strainer. That's why it's not a shaken drink.
Hmmm, almost sounds like you have some bias, too. Crazy how that works, right? It's almost like different people have different opinions about things.
Most batters get between 4-5 at-bats per game, as Jay said below. Also, you seem to be really caught up in the parameters of this hypothetical question. Just have some fun for once, Darth.
Agreed, he could definitely be in the top 10 by season's end.
Don't sleep on Jordan Elliott, the Texas transfer. He's a DT, but I expect big things from him!
Would make Georgia's division title chase a lot more fun!
Wait a second... how many teams do you think are in the SEC East?
Full with the guy who had 4 catches last year? Or the guy who "played well" with 6 catches for 75 yards. Yeah, both of those guys DEFINITELY preclude a freshman from winning some playing time.
You clearly didn't comprehend the headline, as I said "offensive" player. Last I checked, not many DL or CBs play offense.
Based on Bentley's performance the past couple of years, I wouldn't be so sure he stays the backup all year.
I think I made that pretty clear that Feaster's potential addition was why I didn't choose a running back as the most important newcomer to the offense.
It's an impossible job and the league doesn't empower them at all. I don't envy them, haha.
I mention this in the story, but it's just crazy to me that you continue to perpetuate it. It's possible to be both a mentor AND a winner. It's silly that people are acting like Flacco needs to choose between winning and mentoring. Do both. It's not hard to multitask.
I agree with that. It's absolutely the QB coach and OC's job to make sure Lock turns out well. It just seems silly to me that a GM who is a Hall of Fame QB and a starting QB who has won a Super Bowl are so insistent on making things tough for Lock. They could be such great resources and it seems they want no part of that. That's fine, I guess, but I just wouldn't be so vocal about it in the media.
The point of the whole thing is this... since you consider Elway and Flacco a part of your generation, you stick up for them no matter what. Flacco is being the soft one here. As a rookie, Lock is expected to "shut up and do his job." Why isn't Flacco being held to that same standard? He hasn't exactly been "elite" these past few years, so he's the one who needs to shut up, stop talking about how he's not a mentor and do his job. Lock has been nothing but gracious to Flacco in the media. Is it too much to ask for Flacco to do the same and then sort things out however they want behind closed doors?
And so am I, but it's just weird that Elway and Flacco keep making these comments to the media. If Lock is expected to keep his mouth shut and do his job, why aren't Flacco and Elway held to the same standards? Flacco hasn't exactly been elite the past few years, and if Elway hadn't managed to sign Peyton, he'd probably be done as an executive by now. If Lock should shut up and focus on being a good teammate and learning his position, so should Flacco and Elway.
It was a glorified exhibition game. The Chiefs had nothing to gain from winning or losing. He only started so that Smith wouldn't get hurt before the postseason. Believe me, if the Broncos are in that same situation this fall, Lock will start. That's why it's not applicable to this situation. Lock doesn't need to learn anything. This is me saying that the Broncos should be treating him better. He has never once said anything about that. He's handled it well and isn't causing any problems in the locker room. It's Flacco and Elway who are causing the problems. Don't mentor the kid, whatever, fine. But do they really need to take every chance they get to say they aren't mentoring him? No.
I guess you're trying to be funny with that first paragraph? Can't really tell. Not sure where I said anything about "words are violence" or anything like that, but that's OK. I also love how you call me soft for this article but then get defensive when I reply back.
He started Game 16 for a team that had already qualified for the playoffs. Get outta here with that "Mahomes technically started one game" nonsense.