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A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams.

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I'm not sure why you think I called Arizona a better program than Arkansas. That's not true. But you seem to have a personal vendetta against me for some reason. I'm simply saying if Arkansas doesn't pay Muss, they shouldn't be surprised if another program (better or not) swoops in and takes him with an offer around $4 mil per year.
It is absolutely true. USA TODAY compiles salaries of coaches from every public university. Here's the database of coaches salaries from last season, on which Musselman ranks 13th out of 13 available SEC coaches:
Why would I be smart-alecky if Muss got a new contract? That's what I think should have happened weeks ago.
If you want to be considered a big boy with deep pockets, you have to spend like it. Musselman ranked 13th in the SEC in salary this year. All I'm saying is if the Hogs don't use some of these supposedly deep pockets to pay Muss, some other school is going to try to lure him away with a massive contract. And, Arizona has both won a title and made a Final Four more recently than Arkansas, so it's not crazy to consider it a more prestigious program than Arkansas. Perhaps it is you with the "jaundiced" view because of your fan bias?
I'm sorry my picks made you so angry?
Lol, if your strategy against Alabama is to "hope they're cold," then why not at least come out in man and tell your defenders to chase the Tide off the 3-point line? If you're going to play zone and give up wide-open looks, might as well just forfeit.
They allowed Alabama to make 11 of their 18 3-pointers in the first half. That seems like a bad idea. As I explained, once the Alabama shooters were hot, it was game over. Crean allowed that to happen by coming out in a zone.
The newsletter is literally us linking to other articles without putting our opinion on it. So, no, this article does not contain any of my "original thoughts" on Tennessee because this isn't the place for it. Just linking to what others have said. I'd suggest you look into the difference between primary sources and secondary sources.
These guys are elite athletes who frequently adjust in the blink of an eye. They get fouled and adjust their shots to get and-ones. They adjust their passes to driving teammates. They throw insane alley-oop passes. They swipe steals in the blink of an eye. But it's a "pitiful" take to suggest that they should adjust (on a Wheeler shot that hung in the air forever because it was such an ill-advised attempt) and swat it to a teammate? Never did I say he should tap it toward UGA's basket. That would be dumb. He had teammates all around him.
Imagine getting this upset about a column that is (and always has been) a national basketball column with an SEC slant.
Do you work 24/7? If so, you shouldn't have time to comment on an article like this. Seems that's what you expect us to do to provide you with this free product.
I don't have "a penchant" for ignoring "your" Tigers. You just throw a hissy fit if I don't mention them in EVERYTHING I write. If you'll look at recent Starting 5 columns and the past couple weeks of my SEC basketball power rankings, you'll see that Justin Powell isn't doing anything "quietly," as I've discussed his emergence into a lights out shooter several times.
I hope you find something that brings you happiness. Life's too short to be this angry about history being made.
I appreciate that you think I set the basketball schedule.
@LoLo: Why would that be necessary? Alabama was actually, you know, honest about what happened to Waddle.
If the question had been about trying to actually tackle Henry, he would have definitely been my answer! But since he's just "running at me," I can get out of his way as best I can.
You already had to click on the article before anything about Brennan's shoulder was mentioned, but sure, tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself to fuel your bizarre narrative and keep your anger burning!
Well, it's still (slightly) better than "We Are Mizzou"
If the Gators lose back-to-back weeks against Texas A&M and LSU, what on earth makes you think they could beat Georgia AND Alabama? "For the sake of argument" only makes sense when the arguments have at least some semblance of reality. This weekend will show if A&M was a blip on the radar for an otherwise strong team or if Florida's defensive woes are a fatal flaw. Especially now that Myles Brennan is doubtful for this game, a loss to LSU would give anyone rational ZERO confidence that the Gators could beat both Alabama and Georgia, let alone a team like Tennessee.
Ah yes, the old "the media" argument. This the same "media" that picked Florida to win the SEC East? This the same "media" that currently is hyping both Kyle Trask and Kyle Pitts as Heisman candidates? The SEC East is going to come down to the Cocktail Party once again. But, for now, Georgia has a former walk-on leading them to wins. Of course we in "the media" are going to talk about that. It's football. Have some fun with it.
Tigurrr, I know you disagree with everything I say, but if you think Shawn Robinson was the problem on Saturday, I regret to inform you that you do not understand the game of football.
They might act confused at first, but just keep insisting it's a real thing. If they still refuse, have them tweet me!
He has missed 4 games total in the past 6 seasons. What are you talking about?