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A 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri, Adam now covers all 14 SEC football teams.
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I mean, I explained that I trended toward younger players (Shaq and Corliss were basically the oldest guys). And this team won an SEC regular-season title with Heron last year, which again, I explained in my piece. So I'm not sure why you're surprised.
Ha, thanks! I was a bit surprised to find Jim so low on my rankings, but it's true -- manager Jim sucks.
Well, if I have an unlimited supply, it's not like I'm wasting it, right?
I never even thought of gasoline. That's a solid answer, for sure!
I've heard Gatewood compared to Cam Newton. Obviously, that's a tough comparison to live up to, but if he even has 50-percent of the Cam magic, he deserves a chance to play.
Yeah, Pons has been starting quite a bit, but he's averaging only the seventh-most minutes on the team. I just see it as the sort of thing where Zaza Pachulia started for the Warriors for the past couple of seasons and then the other guys played the bulk of the minutes.
Thank you. This is a good solution for now. Then when he loses interest in copying your screen name, we'd be happy to have you back as BamaTime, ha.
He changes his account name a lot, but he doesn't violate any of our commenting rules. Just ignore him and he'll probably change it to something else when the novelty of this trolling wears off.
The best I can come up with for Kansas is: 1 - Frank Mason 2 - Kelly Oubre 3 - Andrew Wiggins 4 - Pick a Morris twin 5 - Joel Embiid Not a bad lineup at all, but weaknesses in the backcourt make me think Kentucky's B team would win.
Live within 1,000 miles of an In-N-Out and then we can talk. Also, if you don't like the questions that are being asked, ask one yourself. Always happy to answer whatever comes through my inbox. I even conveniently list two ways to get in touch with me at the end of each Mailbag.
Up north? You realize In N Out is a west coast thing, right? Should I break out the map so we can show you the difference between the north and the west?
They jumped from 9 to 3 in these latest rankings. They'll be No. 2 if they win tonight. Just relax and enjoy some good basketball and don't get so upset about everything that is said on the internet.
They were down by nine in the first half and Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield both struggled. I'm well aware of what the final score was, but the Vols would be the first to tell you that wasn't an easy win.
I'm generally pretty unbiased about Mizzou QBs. I wrote at the time that Blaine Gabbert should not be a first round pick, ha.
Along with my point about chili, when you put any sort of meat on hash browns, the meat becomes the star. Therefore, I didn't consider it.