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Sydney (@SHWrites on Twitter) is an Atlanta-based journalist who has covered everything from SEC and ACC football to MLS, the U.S. men's national soccer team and professional tennis. His work has appeared on such platforms as SB Nation, Cox Media Group and FanSided.

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Mack and Mike are the same thing, but yes, UGA calls it the Mike LB.
I think I'm with you - most likely the play might have turned out differently if Campbell had kept his footing.
Will cover in part 2 as part of the defense!
Perhaps my phrasing was poor here - by "interior" I meant the linebacker corps as a whole.
He's only a redshirt freshman so he will return in 2020.
What do you mean? I was making the point that it's a good sign for 2020 if they can continue to force takeaways in the same vein as they did last night. The fact remains that they barely did it in games prior to the Sugar Bowl, though.
Suspended for 1st half of COFH due to team rules violation.
Good point on slowing the game down, and I wrote about that being a potential advantage for Georgia yesterday. Burrow's good, but he's not good enough to score from the sideline :)
I think you misread...I was referring to the games against Tennessee, SC and Kentucky.
See the first point under "3 Things I Didn't Like" :)