It’s Cocktail Party time, and this one is a big one. Both Florida and Georgia are serious Playoff contenders and the winner of this game will have a clear path to Atlanta with everything still in play. The loser will have a clear path back home to a very upset fan base.

But who should you root for in this classic rivalry? We put together a list of 20 reasons why it’s better to be a Florida fan than a Georgia fan. Don’t worry Dawg fans, your list will publish tonight.

1. You know you’re smarter than your in-state rivals

Can UGA fans say that about Georgia Tech? Absolutely not.

2. You’ve actually beaten a good Nick Saban Alabama team

Sorry Georgia fans, but 2007 doesn’t count.

3. You know what it’s like to win a National Championship in the past 30 years

Maybe if UGA fans are nice, you can tell them about it. All 3 of them.

4. No one on your team wears glasses

Our kickers can make field goals against South Carolina without glasses just fine.

5. You didn’t let Will Muschamp (with a 3rd string QB) ruin your season

Well, technically he ruined about 3 seasons at UF, but at least one of them wasn’t this year.

6. You don’t have to live in a city where the nicest restaurant is Waffle House

It’s the Ruth’s Chris of North Georgia.

7. You never have to bark in anyone’s face

Truly an honor to never have done this to anyone.

8. These aren’t your fellow fans

9. You never chose Jake Fromm over Justin Fields

Regret that one yet Kirby?

10. The Swamp doesn’t need strobe lights to be intimidating

Night games at The Swamp are loud and crazy, night games in Athens now look like a bowling alley in the early 2000s.

11. You got to watch Urban Meyer humiliate the entire state of Georgia … repeatedly

12. You beat Tennessee on a Hail Mary, not the other way around

Georgia fans had to watch Butch Jones celebrate in their own stadium. Imagine that.

13. You never embarrassed yourself with a blackout game on national television

Pretty sure Bulldog fans still have nightmares about this game against Alabama.

14. Did we mention they lost to South Carolina at home?

It’s worth bringing up twice.

15. Florida has a basketball and baseball team

Technically Georgia does too, you just would never know about them unless you looked it up.

16. You don’t have to also root for Atlanta professional sports teams


17. Georgia fans will never know the joy of winning 4 football and basketball titles in a span of 3 years

But they do know what it’s like to have a halftime lead in a National Championship Game.

18. The centerpiece of your stadium isn’t a bush

Imagine taking great pride in some hedges.

19. Georgia fans will never have a tradition cooler than this

20. You didn’t call the most poorly timed fake punt in the history of football

You know the one.