In its last two games, Florida’s defense has given up its two highest scoring totals of the season — 42 points in a loss to LSU and 27 points in a win over South Carolina. Now, the Gators have another challenge coming up on Saturday.

No. 6 Florida is set to take on No. 8 Georgia to see which team will take control of the SEC East.

On Tuesday, Gators defensive coordinator Todd Grantham met with the media to discuss the upcoming matchup. Here are six things he said about facing the Bulldogs’ offense:

  • On Georgia’s running game: “First of all, they have a very physical offensive line. Running back’s elite, and they’ve really got a good stable of running backs that can find a seam and it’s a pretty simple run where you’re not. Those guys can pick gaps and seams, and they can take a small hole and accelerate through it and make it a double-digit [yard] gain that way. But it starts with their offensive line being physical.”
  • On Georgia QB Jake Fromm: “The quarterback does a really good job, he’s a real smart guy, so we need to get him in the right plays and all that kind of stuff.”
  • More on running game: “They do a good job of blocking, their wideouts do a good job of blocking, so it’s really a team effort for them to be successful running the ball and they’ve done a good job of it.”
  • On Georgia RB D’Andre Swift: “Each running back’s kind of got their own style. I think the biggest thing with him is he’s got really good acceleration, he can run through tackles, you’ve got to make sure that you bring your pads and you bring your feet and you’ve got to take the air out of the hole, you’ve got to shrink it and give him less room to run, because he’s a guy that can make the first guy miss. He can put his foot in the ground and change direction, he’ll run where you’re not. Playing defense against a guy like that, it really gets down to team defense and making sure that we set the edge, build a wall and press the running lanes to where he doesn’t have so much space to run the ball.”
  • More on Swift: “He’s a guy that they try to get the ball out of the backfield. Any time you have a guy that has his kind of speed or athletic ability, if he can catch just a simple option route or something in the flat, he can make a guy miss and turn it into a double-digit [yard] gain. So obviously, you’ve got to be aware of that and account for that and be ready to play a good team.”
  • More on Fromm: “First of all, he’s really competitive, and I think that breeds to the team. He’s a smart guy. He’s probably, when you look at football IQ of guys, he’s going to be an elite guy, as smart as anyone that we’ll see or you could play at this level or the next level. And then he’s accurate with the ball. So I think those three things are the biggest thing I see with him, are his competitive nature, his ability to see things and his IQ and then he is accurate with the ball when he’s throwing.”

For more of Grantham’s comments to the media, watch below courtesy of Jacquie Franciulli on YouTube:

Florida and Georgia are set to kick off on Saturday in Jacksonville at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.