Thanks to an odd technicality, former Florida standout tight end Aaron Hernandez had his 2015 murder conviction thrown out Tuesday by a Massachusetts judge.

In Massachusetts, if a defendant dies during the appeal process of a conviction, the original ruling is thrown out. Hernandez’s 2015 murder conviction of Odin Lloyd was currently in appeals when the former Gator and New England Patriot tight end killed himself last month. Hernandez committed suicide in his prison cell.

According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, Judge Susan Garsh ruled the only option was to throw out the original conviction following Hernandez’s death.

“Abatement is the law in this Commonwealth and this court is required to follow that precedent,” Garsh said citing case law. “… the Court has no other choice.”

It’s important to note this decision will likely be appealed. According to Wetzel, the state prosecutor is arguing the fact that Hernandez likely killed himself to get his original conviction thrown out to the financial benefit of his girlfriend and daughter. However, until further notice, Hernandez officially rests (technically) without a conviction hanging over his head according to Massachusett state law.

For a story that never ceases to have twists and turns, Hernandez continues to surprise even after his untimely death.