A frustrated Dan Mullen spoke after the 24-17 loss to Georgia on Saturday night and lamented that the 12-for-18 mark that Georgia was on third down was a key factor.

“You can go in any direction you want to go,” Mullen said, according to Kyle Wood.

He added, according to Edgar Thompson, “We didn’t get off the field on a third down. Third-down defense was a big one for us.’

Mullen pointed out that the SEC East wouldn’t have been clinched either way on Saturday, but admitted that Florida’s season has changed.

“Unfortunately, we don’t control our destiny anymore, which is frustrating for us,” he said.

What’s left to play for?

“A lot. There’s a lot of football left to be played,” he said. “The division hasn’t been clinched by anybody. It wasn’t going to be clinched today.”

Mullen perhaps referenced questionable calls from officials and reviewed plays that went against Florida when he said, “they got helped out a couple of times.”

Mullen asked how close he is to meeting Georgia’s level: “Seven points.”

Mullen asked why they went away from Pitts or Georgia took it away after it was successful early in the game: “We had him open a couple of times, missed him. Two balls that were behind him a little.”