Players are supposed to believe in their team. When they don’t, play on the field usually suffers to the point it is hard to watch. But when believing in your team gets in the way of good sportsmanship, it’s also a bad look.

WR Freddie Swain was one of the Florida players to speak to the media after No. 7 Georgia beat No. 9 UF 36-17 in Jacksonville. Despite the fact that UGA had the clearly superior passing attack, ground game and defense on Saturday, Swain told reporters he believed that the better team did not win.

While it is fair to say that Florida had uncharacteristically poor execution in the game, Georgia still deserves proper credit for taking advantage of miscues and making more big plays in the game. The Bulldogs were clearly the better team on Saturday and deserving of the victory.

By all accounts, Swain represents Florida well and is well-thought-of by teammates, coaches and the media. The above postgame quote, however, comes off as poor sportsmanship.