The Florida Gators struggled in 2017, and head coach Jim McElwain didn’t survive those struggles, as he and the school “parted ways” late in the season.

Now that Dan Mullen has taken over, things have changed and expectations are much higher in Gainesville.

According to one anonymous former Gator, one of the big changes will happen in the weight room. Per, an outgoing Gator said former Florida strength and conditioning coach Mike Kent simply wasn’t getting the job done:

“It was a joke. I love Mike Kent to death, one of the best people I have ever met,” he said. “Great guy, but it was a joke. We didn’t really lift anymore, we stretched. Under coach [Will] Muschamp, we lifted heavy, Olympic-style lifts. That’s football weight lifting. We didn’t lift for max or do heavy power lifting under Mac and Kent. Our program wasn’t a serious off-season program. There was no accountability. If you missed a workout, there was no you had to make it up or get up and run the next morning. If you missed a workout, you just missed it. They couldn’t enforce anything, or they wouldn’t, so they started making some things optional. Once you make it optional, what do you think is going to happen? Guys are going to take the option of not showing up.”

The anonymous player continued, saying he simply doesn’t think Kent was ready for an SEC job:

“I don’t think Kent was ready for a job at this level. I know players at smaller schools that play football and there are some talented guys out there at lower levels, but the program as a whole isn’t the same. The intensity isn’t the same. It isn’t like it’s thought of as all fun and games at some other places, but when you get to the SEC, it’s a job.”

The player goes on to discuss many other aspects of his time with Florida, and it’s well worth a read. Find the whole honest interview here.