Stop us if you’ve heard this one — Florida fans are upset at DC Todd Grantham for the Gators struggling on that side of the ball.

You probably said “stop” as soon as you hit “Grantham,” right? Well, what if we told you the Gators are continuing to struggle defensively against Texas A&M and fans continue to be mad at Grantham?

That’s the case on Saturday afternoon, with Florida holding a 21-17 halftime lead in College Station. If they’re leading, what’s the problem?

Well, the Aggies are converting long 3rd downs (3rd-and-Grantham, if you will) like they’re the easiest things in the world and already have a 94-yard touchdown drive.

Here are some of the reactions to the Gators’ defensive struggles thus far:

Will things turn around in the second half? Based on the way it has gone this season, don’t count on it.