Anthony Richardson started off hot Sunday afternoon against Eastern Washington. However, on the Gators third drive, Richardson exited the game with what appeared to be a right knee or ankle injury.

Richardson had already thrown a 75-yard touchdown on Florida’s first play from scrimmage, and he led Florida down the field for a second rushing score by running back Montrell Johnson.

During Florida’s third offensive drive and up 14-3, Richardson injured his right knee or ankle. The injury happened on a player where the Eastern Washington defender grabbed ahold of his ankle while Richardson still completed the pass for a big gain.

Richardson sat on the turf for a few seconds and then jogged to the medical tent for further evaluation.

Jalen Kitna replaced Richardson at quarterback for the Gators.

Richardson returned to the game, as the Gators scored another rushing touchdown. We’ll keep an eye on Richardson’s leg as the game progresses.