The Cleveland Browns raised some eyebrows when they drafted former Florida WR Antonio Callaway in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

That’s because the star receiver got into a lot of trouble in his college days, and many analysts thought he’d go in a later round, or not at all.

Still, Cleveland GM John Dorsey took a chance on the former Gator, and Callaway understands that he needs to prove that Dorsey was right to believe in him (via

“This is just telling that he believes in me, that I can do the right things,” he said. “Just not going let him down. For somebody to put their job on the line, I can’t let him down.”

Callaway didn’t have a father figure growing up, but he did have a great mother, and he said he wants to succeed in the NFL so he can help her out:

“She’s been through a lot, so I want to reward her with everything she’s ever dreamed of,” he said.