Outside of questions about the struggles around the Florida defense, coach Dan Mullen faced multiple questions on Monday about his post-game comments from Saturday about the expected crowd for the LSU game at The Swamp this week.

After the loss at Texas A&M, Mullen said said he “absolutely” wants to have a full crowd of about 90,000 fans when Florida hosts LSU next Saturday.

“I know our governor passed that rule, so certainly, hopefully, the university administration decides to let us pack The Swamp for LSU next week,” he said. “One hundred percent because that crowd was a major factor in the game. So I certainly hope our university administration follows the governor.”

Asked on Monday if he had spoken with Athletics Director Scott Stricklin or President Kent Fuchs, he had about the same answer.

“I’ve been worried about trying to beat LSU,” Mullen said, and again added, “really focused on beating LSU.”

He was then asked about comments in light of the pandemic and if he regretted making them.

“I’ll be honest with you, if you look what we’ve been able to do, the safety precautions that our players have followed,” Mullen said. “Our coaches follow, our staff follows. I think we’re a model of safety in what we’ve been doing during this time period. So I’m really proud of how we’ve handled everything, how safe we’ve been with everything we’re doing, and all the precautions we have in place.”

Mullen said Texas A&M created a great and exciting atmosphere.

“I think they did a great job of doing that,” Mullen said. “So like I said, I haven’t talked to people because I’ve been really focused on trying to beat LSU, but whatever our government officials all say, what everybody does for the game, what we do need to do is however many people they allow into the stadium, we need to work as hard as we can on the Gator fans to create the best game-day atmosphere that we can.”