The College Football Playoff selection committee has not yet shared its rankings, but that’s not stopping ESPN from airing a show with the title “College Football Playoff: Top 25.”

On the latest episode, host Rece Davis asked ESPN analysts Kirk Herbstreit, David Pollack, Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer to weigh in on a variety of CFP-related topics. In the second half of the hour-long show, Davis asked the analysts to name their best one-loss team. All four said 7-1 Florida.

“It’s a toss-up for me between Florida and Oregon,” Herbstreit initially said.

After discussing both teams, Herbstreit ultimately went with the Gators.

“I would give Florida the edge over Oregon, but it would be very close.”

The Gators’ offense, which has been more efficient with Kyle Trask at quarterback, was frequently cited.

“I think it’s Florida. I’ve seen Florida mature in the passing game and the explosiveness on offense,” Pollack said.

While elaborating, Pollack pointed to UF’s many weapons in the passing game and the team’s chance to get healthy on defense during the Week 9 bye as he reasons he’s taking the Gators over the other one-loss teams.

As many have noticed, even though Dan Mullen’s squad lost at LSU, Florida’s performance earned the Gators a lot of national respect.

“I like this Florida team, very impressed with what they were able to do on the road at LSU. They had a lead in the second half and then gave it up,” Galloway said. “This is a defense that completely shut down Auburn.”

“I do respect Oregon, I just have more trust in the Florida defense when they’re healthy,” Galloway added.

Palmer pointed out that defense has long been a strength for Florida.

“I think whenever we talk Florida, the first thing that comes out of your mouth is defense, dominant defense,” Palmer said. “I think what makes this Florida team is better this year, to me, it’s the most dangerous offense I think they’ve had since 2009 with Tim Tebow.”