Billy Napier understands the new era in college football when it comes to name, image and likeness, and combined with the transfer portal and all the abuse and control that comes with them.

Napier, during a guest appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Thursday, said he wants the Florida players to use football, and not let football to use them. Napier said college football is headed toward a time where the player deserves a piece of the financial pie.

“How do you keep your team dynamic, how do you create togetherness, chemistry, morale, loyalty, all these things, the passion with the game, a certain brotherhood that comes with the game, how do you keep those things, but know that within your locker room it isn’t quite as fair as it should be? How do you keep it NIL from interfering with your team dynamic?,” Napier said. “We’re very much in an adjustment period here, and I think the key for me is we’ve got to control what we can control in our organization and do the absolute best we can do for our players. We need to equip our players, educate our players.”

Napier said with an alumni base at Florida, NIL will be a strength, but he agrees with the point that you must be careful to not let it impact the team dynamic.