Billy Napier is preparing for his first year as the head coach of Florida. But, before he left Louisiana for a big-time job, he wanted to make sure he was able to get plenty of support from the new school.

He got what he wanted at Florida, part of which was the budget to hire a big support staff to take care of things off the field.

On Monday, Napier joined SEC Radio on SiriusXM and discussed the process that went into hiring all of those support staffers:

“You call the best people you know that have tremendous experience and just get their feedback,” he said. “Like, ‘Hey look, you get to start from scratch, how would you construct what you’re doing?’ … That was the cool thing about Florida. They didn’t flinch. They said, ‘We’re in.'”

Will the investment in Napier and his staff lead to wins on the field for the Gators? We’ll find out starting this fall!