Billy Napier is developing a reputation among Florida fans for his lack of halftime adjustments, or simply that the opponents are outcoaching the Gators after halftime.

His aggressive play-calling early, and then going for a 2-point conversion late in the game were among the headscratchers for Florida fans. In terms of the big picture, the Vols outscored the Gators 21-19 in the second half.

In the Utah game, the Utes won the 3rd quarter by running the football at a better clip. Last week against South Florida, Napier credited the adjustments the players and staff made after halftime, as the Bulls rushed for 88 yards in the second half compared with rushing for 198 yards in the first half.

“At halftime, we went in the locker room and really cleaned it up,” Napier said this week, per Gator Sports. “That’s one of the good things that I see. It’s like, okay, new concept. We’re able to understand that. Here’s the concept. Here’s the call. Here’s how we clean that up. And we didn’t make the same mistake twice, which is good. We defended some of those plays better in the second half.”

Here’s a sampling of some of the reaction: