I, along with so many other people in the country, was rooting hard for the Florida Gators this weekend. They had so many chances to win the game and to put an end to the Florida State Seminoles’ win streak.

While the Gators were deep in FSU territory, already up 9-0 and getting ready to score again, Treon Harris executed a zone read play-action and rolled right. He attempted to hit his tight end in the flat.

Now, it wasn’t a great throw by any stretch of the imagination, as it was slightly behind, but you have to catch that ball.

Personally, I didn’t like the play call at all and didn’t think that offensive coordinator Kurt Roper should have had Harris throwing too much at all this game. However, I do think that due to his mobility, I can understand the play call.

Hindsight is always 20-20, but I think they should have run right at the FSU defense and punched it in. That play changed the momentum of the game so much and was at least a 10-point swing.

When you have a ground game that’s as good as Florida’s, and a freshman quarterback, I would think they would have just ran the ball three straight plays from the 6-yard line. Turnovers are such a huge momentum shifter and a pick-six is the worst. Especially a 94-yard pick-six.

I’m not putting this play squarely on Harris’ shoulders, but between the play call, the throw behind the receiver and the receiver not catching it, it was a collective boneheaded play. Florida played so well and because of a 94-yard pick-six, and two missed field goals, they lost.

I wanted Florida to beat Florida State more than anything this weekend, and now we have to rely on Georgia Tech to knock them off.