NBA star Bradley Beal might have a future in coaching, if he wants one.

A video surfaced on Saturday of an old — but highly inspirational — speech he gave to his AAU team.

The message focused on themes of staying disciplined and honing your craft. He emphasized how hard it would be for them to achieve their dreams of playing in the NBA, and what it would require to even just get a chance.

“I don’t ever like pulling my NBA card, ever,” Beal said. “But bro, it’s only 400 [NBA jobs]. That means if you get a chance to get into the league, you gotta [expletive] play me. You gotta [expletive] guard me. And guess what? Can’t none of y’all [expletive] guard me.”

Beal ended the speech on a higher note, emphasizing how much he believed in them.

Here’s the full speech, which does contain profanity:

The group of players in that huddle included Arkansas guard Moses Moody, who is a projected lottery pick in this summer’s NBA draft. Moody and the Razorbacks are playing Oral Roberts in the Sweet 16 on Saturday night.

Beal is currently in the middle of a career year with the Washington Wizards. The former Florida Gator is averaging 31.7 points per game this season.