Brandon Siler is one of the stars of the “Untold: Swamp Kings” documentary recently released on Netflix. The former Florida linebacker is prominently featured, drawing renewed appreciation from Gator fans for his contributions in the early years of Urban Meyer’s tenure.

Siler visited “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Wednesday. He recounted one of his stories from “Swamp Kings” in which Meyer, unhappy with Siler’s drinking, met the linebacker’s mother, who had been drinking before going into the meet coach.

The meeting did not go as Meyer expected. Siler described the meeting as his mother giving the head coach “the business.”

“Listen, my son came here to win a national championship and go to the NFL. And if you ain’t here to do that, you need to go back to Utah,” Siler’s mother told the coach, he recalled.

In the documentary, Siler says the memorable interaction led to Meyer taking a more understanding approach to the linebacker’s off-field behavior. On “Finebaum,” Siler identifies the interaction as a key moment in his development as a leader.

Siler signed with Florida in 2004, the final season of Ron Zook’s tenure. In episode 1 of “Swamp Kings,” Siler recalls being one of the first players to buy into Meyer’s culture and treatment during the transition year. Siler, a 13-game starter on the 2006 Florida team that won the BCS national championship, is recognized as setting the leadership example for the team’s younger players, such as Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes.

Siler would go on to play in the NFL from 2007-to-2012 with the San Diego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs.