Following the gamble of selecting defensive lineman Caleb Brantley with the No. 1 pick in the sixth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, all charges against Brantley have since been dismissed following his alleged involvement in an altercation with a woman, Cleveland is now attempting to figure out what it has in the rookie lineman.

Judging by what the team’s defensive line coach Clyde Simmons has seen thus far in Brantley’s short time in Cleveland, the Browns don’t quite know what to make of the former Gator. According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, Simmons sees massive potential in Brantley, while at the same time, questioning his level of consistency.

“Caleb is a unique personality and unique player,” Simmon said. “He shows first-round talent at times and then he shows somebody who shouldn’t be playing at other times, and my job is to get him playing at a consistent level, a consistent high level.”

The reviews aren’t all positive, however, as Simmons questions whether Brantley has the necessary effort to achieve success as the game’s highest level.

“Effort, all the stuff. He’s like every young player that comes in this league,” Simmons continued. “They’ve got an idea about what they want and what they think they can do, but you have to learn to play it the way we want you to play it.”

While this may be just the latest example of coach speak being directed Brantley’s way, if it works to get the rookie operating at his full potential, the Browns may have acquired one of the biggest steals in the latest draft.