Cam Newton obviously made his name at Auburn, where he led the Tigers to the 2010 title and won the Heisman Trophy in the process.

He was there during the end of the Percy Harvin era, and Harvin was one of the most versatile weapons in all of college football.

As you can see below, a story resurfaced, thanks to Newton, about how then-OC Dan Mullen drew up a play to score a touchdown on the opening drive against LSU in 2008:

As Newton explains, they literally drew up the play that scored the touchdown right then and there, and Harvin, being the dynamic player he was, executed it perfectly.

What an offense that was. Even an LSU defense with a young Patrick Peterson couldn’t slow down Harvin and the Gators.

Update: Harvin scored on a 70-yard pass vs. LSU that year:

Perhaps Newton was thinking of this play against South Carolina?

Either way, Harvin was awesome. End of story.