Things aren’t going as expected for the Florida Gators this year, as the Gators’ offense has been awful under head coach Jim McElwain.

If the Gators continue to struggle, McElwain will face more hot seat talk and more fans calling for him to lose his job.

On “The Wake Up Zone” on Friday, the hosts talked to CBS Sports insider Dennis Dodd, who said there’s a chance McElwain could leave Florida and head back to the West Coast:

“It’s really complicated and it’s not an easy answer, because they’ve won those two SEC East titles,” he said. “But what about Jim McElwain, a guy from the west, maybe sneaks out and takes Oregon State? You know, ‘Hey, I’m sick of it. Forget this, I don’t need this aggravation, because these people don’t appreciate what I’ve done.’ It’s going to be interesting to see.”


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McElwain is a Montana native, but he’s made a name for himself in the SEC — first as an offensive coordinator at Alabama and now as Florida’s head coach.

It’s not likely that McElwain would leave Florida for Oregon State, but there is sure to be a lot of movement on the coaching carousel after the season ends.