The LSU-Florida matchup under the lights Saturday night is the most anticipated showdown of the college football slate in Week 7, but not many seem to be giving Florida much of a chance to win.

At least that was the case with a panel of CBS Sports Network analysts on Friday. Even former Florida defensive end Kevin Carter didn’t pick the Gators to win.

“I’m a Gator fan by heart, but I can’t pick with my heart, I gotta to pick with my head, and that goes to LSU,” Carter said. “No one has done what they have done in the SEC this year. They’re better than Tua, they are better any everyone right now. Too hot, gotta go with LSU.”

Former SEC head coach Houston Nutt said the LSU environment wouldn’t intimate the Gators, but he agreed with Carter.

“At night, Death Valley, LSU will score enough points, and I think their defense will get it done in the end,” Nutt argued.

Former quarterback Danny Kanell made it a clear sweep on the CBS Sports panel, as he also picked LSU to win and claimed that Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow would win the Heisman Trophy.

“You guys know how I feel about Joe Burrow, right? The eventual Heisman Trophy winner,” Kanell said. “I’m going with the LSU Tigers playing at home. I don’t think it’s going to be one of those 400-yard passing days, but I think when their plays are going to be made, you’re going to have to pick them, there’s going to be a few of them, I think Joe Burrow connects with those slew with those wide receivers.”

Florida surprised LSU last season with a, 27-19, victory, but that came in The Swamp. LSU is 3-1 in the last four matchups at Death Valley in the series.

The LSU-Florida matchup will kick off at 8 pm ET on Saturday.