Bruce Feldman of The Athletic this week documented what he’s reported on to be significant issues at Florida, and how coaches from around the league view the current state of the Gators.

Feldman made an appearance on “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” on Wednesday to discuss the matter, and said that the reality is that Florida is 2-7 in its last 9 games against Power 5 opponents.

“You can’t really dress that up,” Feldman said. “Some of the things they said, they just basically put detail to the issues that are there.”

Feldman cautioned about calling out college players, but said that a lot of the things he heard about that centered around effort and discipline, or lack thereof. Feldman also noted that it’s Florida, not a mid-level program, and the recruiting struggles have come while Miami, Florida and Tennessee, some of the Gators’ primary rivals, are in rebuild mode.

“Are you taking advantage of the opportunity around you,” Feldman said. “The fact is, they’re not. … It’s hard to make an argument that Florida’s going in the right direction.”

Feldman added that it was “mind boggling” to see this version of LSU “man-handle” Florida.

“They’re calling it as they see it,” Feldman said of the SEC coaches quoted in his story.