Chilling details being reported about how Aaron Hernandez was found after suicide

Apr 12, 2017; Boston, MA, USA; Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez sits at the defense table during jury deliberations in his double murder trial of at Suffolk Superior Court . Hernandez is charged in the July 2012 killings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado who he encountered in a Boston nightclub. The former NFL football player already is serving a life sentence in the 2013 killing of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd. Mandatory Credit: Pool photo by Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe

Chilling details are emerging from the scene surrounding the apparent suicide of former Florida TE Aaron Hernandez.

Sources have told multiple media outlets that Hernandez, 27, was found with Bible verse “John 3:16” written on his forehead. A Bible opened to that verse was found in his cell. It has been noted previously that Hernandez routinely read the Bible with Urban Meyer every morning during his Gators career.

Edit: Original reports stated that Hernandez cut his own finger to write the verse in blood. Later reports are indicating it was written in “blood-red marker.”

It’s not the only new detail to emerge from the scene.

A law enforcement source told WBZ CBS 4 Boston that Hernandez may have smoked synthetic marijuana known as “K2” prior to his death.

The former member of the New England Patriots reportedly hung himself with a bed sheet. The timing of Hernandez’s death came as a surprise as he had been acquitted of a double homicide on Friday. He was currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd, but the recent acquittal was believed to be crucial for Hernandez’s appeal in the Lloyd case.

Hernandez played at UF from 2007-09, and many former teammates have reacted to the shocking news on social media, including Mike and Maurkice Pouncey.

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  • Wait. Did he really write “external”?

    A Gator through and through, I guess.

    • This is funny since UF is leaps and bounds ahead of UT in academics! Obviously his forehead wasn’t big enough for the whole sentence lol

      • “Obviously his forehead wasn’t big enough for the whole sentence”

        Explains away a typo in which he added a letter by saying he didn’t have enough space to get it right. Man, that Florida education continues to astound.

        • I’m pretty sure you both are way off here. He didn’t write the whole verse out, just the number. That quote is from some woman trying to tell everyone what John 3:16 is.

    • Let me get this straight : you are using the culmination of a truly awould tragedy to troll a fellow SEC East rival for laughs? What the hell is wrong with you?

      If this happened on my site you’d be banned for that, without hesitation.

      • Is it upsetting that he killed himself? Yes. But let’s make one thing abundantly clear. Hernandez’s death is not the tragedy here. That would be the person whom he murdered, and for which he was serving the life sentence he was apparently too cowardly to serve out.

        There’s a tragedy here, but it is not the one your fixating on. I, and plenty of other people I’ve talked to, aren’t losing much sleep over a killer’s death. Sorry if that offends you. Guess I could make a Mizzou safe space joke, but I won’t.

      • There is nothing tragic about the death of Hernandez. The tragedy was his life.

      • Now I could be wrong here but I think mutigersbball actually meant the people he murdered deaths and not Hernandez’s death. Either way, the roast against Florida wasn’t called for. There’s a time and place for everything and this certainly isn’t the right time.

  • What a waste of God given talent. He was probably the best TE to ever play for the Orange and Blue.

  • He should have donated LeBron some of that hairline before he put himself 6 feet under.

  • It’s “hanged”. It’s never “hung” when it comes to the act of hanging oneself/someone.

  • SDS – please stop reporting on this murderer. He is dead and gone and his presence on your site should be dead and gone as well.