It has been a tough offseason for former Florida offensive lineman Chris Bleich, who had his transfer waiver denied by the NCAA after leaving Gainesville to transfer to Syracuse.

More details came out about Bleich’s time at Florida from his family, when his father spoke to about the way he felt his son was treated by Dan Mullen’s coaching staff.

According to Bleich, Chris injured his groin early in the season and played through it, although he felt coaches pushed too hard when his son’s performances on the field struggled.

“They were complaining he wasn’t moving fast enough but he couldn’t move because of the injuries,” said Bleich. “We learned a lot. To a lot of people, you’re just a piece of hamburger out there.”

According to the report, Chris Bleich left the team with three games remaining in the 2019 season with torn cartilage in his hips and a double sports hernia.

“To me it was malpractice, but I don’t know how he’d describe it,” continued Walt Bleich. “Abused? Maybe. Definitely not appreciated. But these are my words, not his. When you have to call and ask for an MRI, and they still didn’t do it, that’s hard to take.”

Not only did Bleich suffer through injuries and have his transfer waiver denied, but he also contracted COVID-19 during the offseason. The Bleich family is reportedly considering an appeal to win over the NCAA and have Bleich declared eligible for the 2020 season.

Other than saying Bleich left for “family reasons,” no one within Florida’s program has commented on the issues Bleich’s father raised. If true, it certainly is not a good look for Dan Mullen and his staff, especially if potential recruits see this story and worry about a similar situation happening to them.