The biggest news this week in the SEC came when freshman cornerback Chris Steele decided it was time to move on from the Florida football program. After only a few months in Gainesville, the highest-rated signee in Florida’s 2019 signing class decided to enter his name into the NCAA transfer portal.

As if Steele’s decision to leave Florida wasn’t bad enough for the Gators, Zach Abolverdi of Gator Sports reported soon after the news came out that Steele had asked the Florida staff to be reassigned to a new dorm room during his first month at Florida after being assigned to room with freshman quarterback Jalon Jones. That request was never granted and Jones was later accused of sexual battery by two different women, with one of the alleged incidents occurring in the dorm room Jones shared with Steele.

Following that report, Chris Steele’s father, Troy Steele, has issued a comment that seems to confirm the Gator Sports report:

“1st and last tweet about this situation. Your last name as a man is with you forever and even transcends death, when that name is even remotely associated with something so appalling, you have to take a stand,” Troy Steele tweeted out on Thursday evening.

Read into that what you will, but it seems to confirm the story regarding his son’s concern with being connected with an incident involving his former roommate, Jones. It’s also worth noting that Chris Steele also retweeted the Gator Sports story regarding his request to be moved to a new dorm room.

As SDS’s Neil Blackmon brilliantly pointed out, what Steele did took some courage and displayed the type of leadership that should be something Florida’s program strives for under Dan Mullen. However, Steele’s concerns apparently didn’t raise any red flags with whoever associated with the program the freshmen defensive back spoke with and now Mullen’s program is down two of the highest-rated prospects in the team’s most recent signing class.