Florida is currently splitting playing time between 2 quarterbacks — redshirt junior Emory Jones and redshirt freshman Anthony Richardson. And so far, it’s worked for the Gators, who have started the 2021 season 2-0 with wins over Florida Atlantic and South Florida.

But things are about to get much tougher this week, as No. 11 Florida is set to host No. 1 Alabama on Saturday in its SEC opener. Will the Jones-Richardson timeshare again work well enough for the Gators to win, even against an opponent as strong as the Crimson Tide?

SEC Network’s Cole Cubelic doesn’t seem to think it’s a formula for success for Florida. In fact, he knows which QB he thinks should primarily be under center on Saturday.

“I think Emory Jones is Batman and Anthony Richardson is Superman,” Cubelic said Wednesday on College Sports on SiriusXM. “Like Batman’s got a lot of cool things that he can use to hurt you and to be successful, but he can’t go fly. And he doesn’t have laser vision. You know, he can’t go like melt an iceberg with his eyes. And he can’t stop a bullet when it hits him in the chest. So their skill sets are very far apart still, even if 1 of them has got a lot going for him.

“I left that game thinking to myself, ‘I like Emory Jones, I credit Emory Jones for sticking around. I want to see Emory Jones be successful.’ Florida can’t beat Alabama with Emory Jones. Florida may can beat Alabama with Anthony Richardson. It’s not a guarantee. If Dan starts him or plays him 80 percent of the snaps, it doesn’t mean they just win that game. It doesn’t. But to have a chance to get ’em, [No.] 15’s got to be the guy at quarterback for most of that game.”

Florida and Alabama are set to kick off on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.