Tim Tebow’s signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars has lit a fuse in a lot of NFL circles, including the media environment.

Fox Sports Radio’s Colin Cowherd jumped at the opportunity after the Jaguars announced the signing of the former Gators’ star who last played in the NFL as a quarterback in 2012. Cowherd started out criticizing people who called Tebow a victim for being the subject of unnecessary criticism.

“He was bad eight years ago,” Cowherd said. ‘He deserves a chance,’ well he certainly hasn’t earned it if you want to put him on that 90-man offseason roster.”

Cowherd then gave the analogy of Wayne Gretzky leaving hockey, and coming back years later and wanting to play goalie. Then he offered a Derek Jeter analogy going from shortstop to catcher.

“Tim was terrible at quarterback, now wants to be a tight end,” Cowherd said. “And we’re supposed to go, ‘Yeah, we’re down with it.’ It’s like, ‘Dude, get a job, like, I know you’re a nice kid.'”

Cowherd also called Tebow a first-round bust, and later said, “Nobody’s picking on him,” for pointing out his history in college and the NFL.