The big news in the NFL world today is that the Jacksonville Jaguars signed former Florida QB Tim Tebow to a 1-year contract to play tight end.

There have been mixed reactions from around the league and fans everywhere, as some are excited to see Tebow back on an NFL field and others wonder what Urban Meyer is thinking.

Count FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd among the latter group. As you can see below, Cowherd shared his thoughts on the signing, expressing hesitancy:

“I don’t love it,” Cowherd said. “I think Urban Meyer made a mistake trying to hire a college athletic trainer he had to immediately dismiss. He didn’t understand the temperature of the room. I think he doesn’t quite understand Tebow’s NBA fan-base is living in a parallel universe. This feels like a college coach that doesn’t quite understand the Tebow disruptiveness that could happen if Trevor Lawrence struggles. Tebow’s not a franchise quarterback. He’s a third-string guy. Good for the locker room. Good work ethic. Don’t love the move, but I do believe Tebow deserves, at some point, to be on an NFL team.”

We’ll see if Tebow proves Cowherd wrong, or if Cowherd’s skepticism is warranted.