Florida coach Dan Mullen said it was not a complicated to explain why the Gators lost to LSU, as he pointed to turnovers and penalties.

“It is what it is, we’ve got to play next week,” Mullen said. “What we can control is playing for an SEC Championship, and we’re doing that next week. Tonight’s game is what it is. We’ve got to get prepared for next week’s championship game.”

Asked about Marco Wilson’s 15-yard penalty for throwing an LSU player’s shoe, Mullen explained what he saw. The play later allowed LSU to kick what turned out to be a game-winning field goal.

“I didn’t see that,” Mullen. “I guess that’s a penalty. I have no idea what happened, I didn’t see it. So did you guys see it? I don’t know. … They called a penalty on it.”

Asked about defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, and his evaluation of the defense, Mullen said, “If I (think) we look like we’re unsound or not being coached well.”

Do you feel that way now?

“I’m pretty confident with Todd,” he said.

On the two late field goal attempts, LSU’s 57-yarder, which was made and Florida’s 51-yarder that was missed left.

“We had an easier one than they did. Just missed it,” Mullen said.

Asked again about the defense, Mullen maintained that, “This game tonight is on the offense.”

Mullen was asked if Florida can get in the College Football Playoff with 2 losses.

“We played 10 games,” Mullen said. “I guess the best thing to do would be to play less games, because you seem to get rewarded for playing less games in 2020.”