If the Gators show up late to class or don’t make it at all, there is a price that has to be paid. That’s not very unique around the country, but the way Dan Mullen is dealing with it sure is.

When players don’t take class seriously, they have to run gassers. However, unlike most programs, the head coach in Gainesville is running with his players as an additional form of punishment. Mullen revealed why his team was forced to run recently during his Wednesday media availability.

Apparently, the team wasn’t thrilled about it:

Mullen is putting the onus on his players to stop the gassers by doing what they are already supposed to be doing and make it to class on time.

Adding an additional level of scrutiny is the fact he’s running with his players. If they let him down and don’t go to class, the coach is punishing his players by running along side them. Mullen explained his thought process by noting he is a member of the team, as well:

Letting yourself slip to face punishment is one thing, while forcing your teammates to go through punishment for your actions is another — but making your coach pay is on a whole other level. Especially if Mullen, who has run known to run a marathon or two, is outrunning his players. It will be interesting to see if this method of punishment puts an end to the missed classes in Gainesville.