One of the great seasonal debates around America is when to put up Christmas lights. In a post-game conversation with reporter Kassidy Hill, Florida coach Dan Mullen clearly made his case that those lights should not be put up before Thanksgiving.

“Christmas lights are not allowed until the day after Thanksgiving,” Mullen said on a video call with reporters following the win over Vanderbilt.

Hill replied, “These go up all year round.”

Mullen countered that if she had only white lights, she could make an argument, but he figured they were clearly Christmas lights. Mullen admitted to holding himself to the rule as he noted that SiriusXM has had the “Holiday Traditions” channel up for a couple of weeks and he’s had to turn it himself.

“I’ve listened to it a couple times and caught myself in the violation,” Mullen said. “You’re not allowed to do that until the day after Thanksgiving.”

Mullen also noted that his wife wanted to push the envelope as well, but he made sure to say they need to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday first.

“It’s 2020, we’ll take what we can get,” Hill said.