Dan Mullen is aware of the high stakes in the LSU rivalry, which he admits has ramped up in recent years, most notably because of the Marco Wilson shoe toss from last year’s game.

The teams meet this week in Baton Rouge, and Mullen discussed the rivalry on the SEC coaches media teleconference on Wednesday.

“The team you play that is your constant crossover tends to be a rivalry, and it is for us,” Mullen said. “… Those guys aren’t on the team anymore. I really haven’t (discussed last year’s game). It’s just a rivalry game.”

About the Gators’ rash of penalties, Mullen explained how he addresses them to curb the flags.

“You coach it up,” Mullen said. “They’re all different penalties if you look at it. You had some holding penalties, a false start penalty, a late-hit penalty. It’s not like fumbling the ball where you coach up the one guy who fumbled it. … It’s attention to detail and making sure we’re doing the right thing.”

Since Florida has shifted from a pass-heavy team in 2020, to a run-oriented attack this year, Mullen was asked about balance on offense.

“Most coaches want that 50/50 balance,” Mullen said. “There’s some that run the system where they throw it. The Mississippi States are going to throw it every play. The Armies and Navies are going to run it every play. … Last year, we were heavy skewed to the pass. This year, we’re skewed to the run. You strive to be 50/50, but you’re also going to play to the strength of your players. … You’re going to highlight that a little bit more.”