When it comes to taking criticism online, Florida QB Feleipe Franks has heard more than his fair share over his career with the Gators.

Now that he’s firmly entrenched as the team’s starter entering the 2019 season, he doesn’t have to worry about his spot on the team. However, the critics are still out there, especially on Twitter.

On Monday at SEC Media Days, though, coach Dan Mullen joked about how he helped Franks drown out the online yelling. He said he told Franks to find out if there was someone better than QB coach Brian Johnson out there on Twitter:

“I said, ‘If you think there’s someone better than Brian Johnson out there (on Twitter), I’ll hire them,” he joked. “If you think everyone on Twitter out there is better at coaching football, let me know and we’ll hire them as quarterbacks coach.”

Mullen reiterated that he thinks Johnson is doing a great job, but the point stands about Franks being able to let criticism pass.

There will likely be some boo birds out there this year, too, but Franks seems more poised and mature than he did when he first arrived to Gainesville.