Florida has been in the unusual situation of having a three-week layoff during the season following its COVID-19 outbreak after the loss at Texas A&M. Now the Gators return to action this week against Missouri.

Coach Dan Mullen shared on the SEC coaches media teleconference on Wednesday about how the Gators have returned to a routine as they practiced on Monday for the first time since the layoff.

“One of the things we talked about is the build up… you saw the energy and excitement in practice… no one has dealt with this before, maybe a bowl game, but you get to practice during that time… it’s going to be a build up all the way to Saturday for us,” Mullen said.

It helps to have a veteran at quarterback, Mullen said, as he noted Kyle Trask, but the return to normal is a little slower than expected. But the complete shutdown is unprecedented during the season.

“I told everybody I didn’t expect Monday to be, you know this unbelievably sharp practice. I just want to have a great attitude be excited to be out there,” Mullen said. “You saw the energy and the excitement to be back out there on the field. And then what we got to do is build up to get ready to play on Saturday you know I mean I don’t think anybody’s ever had, you know, that type of deal and really in football, to be honest with you before you know where you can’t even that’s not like you know bowl games sometimes in a bowl game you have that long layoff between games but you’re here but a practice and kind of set everything you know.”