The Florida Gators shocking 37-34 home loss to the LSU Tigers will get “shoe” headlines, but in reality, Saturday night’s loss is on Florida’s coaching staff, mainly Dan Mullen.

Florida wasn’t ready to play from the get-go, and LSU kept the pressure on the Gators all night long, both on offense and defense.

That resulted in letting LSU hang around and eventually win it with a 57-yard Cade York field goal. The loss shatters Florida’s Playoff chances ahead of the SEC Championship Game against No. 1 Alabama.

After the game, a frustrated Mullen was asked about a 2-loss Florida SEC Champion and its Playoff chances. He then seemed to call out Ohio State in the process.

“I don’t have a vote on that, I’m not in the room,” Mullen said. “I know we’ve played 10 games so I guess probably the best thing to do would’ve been play less games. Because you seem to get rewarded this year for not playing this year in college football.”

The Big Ten, of course, changed its rules to allow 5-0 Ohio State in the conference championship game, thus giving it more life and momentum in the College Football Playoff rankings.