This worked out for Dan Mullen last time, so why not go back to the well?

When asked about the separation between his program and Kirby Smart’s Georgia program after the Gators lost for the third consecutive season to the Bulldogs, Mullen proclaimed the Gators were “seven points” away — Florida lost the matchup 24-17 back in 2019.

A clever Georgia fan even managed to buy and redirect to the official University of Florida website following Mullen’s comment. That didn’t work out so well for Bulldog fans in 2020.

The Gators then turned around and snapped the program’s three-year losing streak to Georgia by winning in Jacksonville 44-28 last fall.

Now after losing to Alabama 52-46 in the 2020 SEC Championship Game, Mullen was asked on Monday to address the top questions he’s likely going to receive from Florida fans this season, how good is his current crop of quarterbacks and can the Gators beat Alabama?

“Well, we were six points short of beating Alabama last year, so that’s a possession away,” Mullen responded.

Alabama is set to travel to Gainesville on Saturday, Sept. 18 in what will be the first SEC game for both programs in 2021.

When it comes to the other part of that question, Mullen was also willing to share some early thoughts on Florida’s signal-callers after several spring practices.

“And the quarterbacks are growing and developing. Our job is to make sure we highlight their strengths of what they do well,” Mullen added. “We are teaching, we are installing a lot of things, there is stuff we’ve installed that I’ve wanted to look at, I want to see it, I want to see how it fits.

“There is some stuff we’ve installed that you look at and you thought, ‘We would definitely do this,’ and we are not going to. And there’s stuff that you didn’t think you would do that you probably that you do. That’s something you just keep moving forward with.”

Mullen has now officially addressed those questions but there’s no doubt he’ll be asked some version of those countless times during the long summer months leading up to the 2021 season in Gainesville.