It’s that time of year again: Dan Mullen is being linked to NFL head coaching jobs.

Mullen was asked about NFL rumors in his postgame press conference following Florida’s division-clinching win over Tennessee.

“No, I haven’t talked to anybody from the NFL,” Mullen said. “But they’re like in the middle of their season still. I’m just happy to be the head coach for the Florida Gators right now, getting ready to go to Atlanta and play for an SEC championship. That’s what we’ve worked really hard for. I’m going to really just enjoy that.”

His qualifier about the pros being in the middle of their season will likely worry some Florida fans. It’s worth noting that Mullen answered similarly to questions about the NFL a year ago during Orange Bowl media opportunities:

“I’ve never been in the NFL. So, it’s not even something I’ve thought or considered. I’ve never even been an assistant coach in the NFL. … If someone ever calls me, I would probably consider it then, but it’s not even something I’ve considered at this point.”

“I think our guys know I plan on being here for a long time, love being here. … I look at the young guys and say, ‘Freddie Swain may not be here, but I’ll still be here next year.’ They laugh at that. I think anytime your name gets brought up, with other jobs, a lot of times it’s a compliment, it means you’re doing well. I dealt with it for years and years at Mississippi State.”

“I know what I have here, I love being here. We’re building a championship program here. At some point in my life, would it be something if I wrote it all down, and sat it down to consider it, then that would happen. But it’s nothing I’d even thought of, I know how it works here. I like it here. I’m kind of the, don’t make it too big, but you’re kind of like, you’re kind of the owner, GM, vice president and head coach. I’ve got a lot of control about how the program works here.”

If Mullen isn’t going to shut down NFL talk, Florida fans will probably have to get used to it.

[H/T Matt Baker, Tampa Bay Times]